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Where is Byron Bay? How do I get to Byron Bay? Whats the weather like in Byron Bay?

Byron Bay is in Northern NSW around 750km along the Pacific Highway from Sydney. Byron Bay is 2 hours (170 km) drive south of Brisbane (Bris Vegas) and only 1 hour from (90km) from the Gold Coast. Byron Bay is easily accessible from two (2) nearby airports being Coolangatta (international/domestic) and the Ballina / Byron airport.  Jetstar & Virgin Australia both offer cheap airfares to Byron Bay (Ballina) and the Gold Coast.

Qantas now also flies into the Gold Coast in 2013. Traveling to Byron is also easy by interstate Coach / Bus companies who will drop you in the centre of town, where you can meet our daily shuttle bus. Yes, Byron Beach Resort run a shuttle bus that runs nine (9) times per day in & out of Byron. So if you are arriving on one of the Greyhound or other incoming buses EMAIL us so we can advise of the closest arriving shuttle. Once you arrive look around for our staff member (they’ll have a sign) and jump abroad the bus for BBR. If you miss the staff member just look for the Bus with Byron Beach Resort written on it!

Driving to Byron Bay

The Pacific Highway from Sydney to Byron Bay has been subject of ongoing improvements & has been vastly improved. However, if driving to Byron from Sydney we’d encourage you to take your time & make it an enjoyable drive. Stop and grab a gourmet pie (there are many!) or have a dip at one of the many beaches along the way or even take a photo of the big Banana! Whatever you do just make sure you arrive alive, not just early.

Hire cars are available in Byron, but being an environmentally friendly property we suggest that while with us you park your car & enjoy cruising the streets of Byron using a combination of your feet (as in walking), bikes (as in free from us) and/or our shuttle bus.

Getting to Byron Bay by Bus or interstate Coaches

Catching the Bus to Byron Bay is a popular and cheap way to get to Byron Bay.  Buses arrive regularly into the centre of Byron where you can meet our (free) shuttle bus. Greyhound Australia & Preimier are the two (2) main companies servicing Bus transfers to Byron Bay from Sydney, Gold Coast & Brisbane.

Cheap Flights to Byron Bay

You’ll find numerous offers for discount airfares to both the Gold Coast & Byron Bay / Ballina from all the major Australian cities. Virgin Blue, Jetstar fly to Ballina / Byron Bay Airport & now Qantas flies to Coolangatta Airport. Regional Express or Rex also fly into Ballina from Sydney and regional locations and transfers to Byron Bay can be easily arranged through a number of independent companies.

Ballina Byron Airport – ‘The Ballina Byron Gateway’ is located in Ballina. Ballina Airport is around 30 mins travel from Byron Bay.
Gold Coast Airport – is located in Coolangatta QLD (60mins North).  This is both an International & Domestic Airport.

We do not offer Airport transfers to Byron Bay at the moment, but you can ask our Travel Desk about some ideas.

If you want any more information, Join our Facebook  or shoot us an email at info@byronbeachresort.com.au

Hope to see you all very soon!